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Welcome to PureBred Papillons

Home of ‘Farfalle’ registered breeder of beautiful pedigree Papillon and Phaléne


Farfalle welcomes to the world 2 beautiful puppies born on Good Friday .Both fur babies are spoken for, and we are looking forward to Enja’s first litter planned for Spring 2024

Dame, Enja ( Farfalle Silent Supernova ) 

Sire, Enzo ( Wyngay Mystys Connect )


Our Story

We breed for sound health temperament and wellbeing
Our puppies are available as companion pets with a Pedigree Certificate on a Limited Register. Show quality puppies are available on the Main Register to registered breeders with a prefix .
Our Papillons and Phaléne are DNA tested,
Physical and mental soundness, good health and temperament is of great importance to us. We only breed with DNA tested dogs who have received  full breed profile DNA testing through Orivet.
Specifically we test for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (Papillon type), Neuroaxonal Dystrophy, Von Willebrands Disease type 1, Black Hair Follicular Dysplasia and Factor VII Deficiency.
We also have our dogs and puppies  hearts, and joints checked.
Papillons are a most exquisite beautiful  breed, they are communicators that will find their way deep into your heart. They love to play and spend time with people of all ages. Extremely intelligent, robust and highly trainable they do very well in performance sports such as obedience, agility and tracking.
Belong in the family
Our papillons are a part of our family. Litters are born and reared in the home in a loving peaceful environment. We ensure that all puppies reach their maximum potential as loving companions. The puppies get an abundance of affection and exposure to young children, and our adult papillons.

Nurturing a loving Kind Spirit

Ups and Downs
The Phaléne and Papillon are in every way the same breed , only difference is the presentation of their ears. While upright ears have taken centre stage , with majority of breeders focused on the ears being upright, we at Farfalle take great pride in keeping the Phaléne alive. Many of our purebreds are now extinct, and so are some instinctive traits of nurture and survival. The Phaléne dates back to the 14th Century, and all Papillons carry the Phaléne gene, thus ups and downs can be born in the same litter .



Our stud Enzo Ferrari

 Wyngay Mystys Connect.

Enzo has a impressive pedigree, to name a few Grand Champion Wyngay Scottish Gold, Grand Champion Sailoz Diamond Angel, Grand Champion Toysfus Sweet N Sassy.

Enzo is from Swedish Champion Siljans Opal and Siljans Connection line. Also Champion Le-Petit-Bonheur De Costalina .

Enzo is available upon approval , all. enquiries welcome.



Meet our new fur baby

 Farfalle Silent Supernova.

Enja warms your heart with her quiet, calm nature . Blessed with the grace and strength of her grandmother.
Granddaughter of Supreme Champion Birikino Victory , she also carries the bloodlines of Grand and Supreme Champions of 12 European countries.


16 weeks old

Hello ! how are you ?

Understanding the language of your Papillon

Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible.

Farfalle Pure Heart Connection

Watch this space 


Farfalle ‘ home of the pure and delightful Phaléne and Papillon
Enquires :
Anna Heiskari 
Registered Breeder with Dogs NSW, 
Dog trainer and author of ‘Happy Healthy Dogs ‘ A holistic approach to the health, happiness and wellbeing of dogs .

Become who your dog thinks you are


Anna Heiskari

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